About Us

VetTech Solutions

VetTech Solutions is a U.S. based information technology (IT) services company with twenty years of experience supporting clients in North America, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. We specialize in installation of facility equipment, operation and maintenance of network enterprise systems, software/desktop support and network/system support and engineering. Through these tailored support services, VetTech Solutions we work directly with clients to improve their ability to operate, maintain and implement, smart IT solutions that support their business objectives, environment, and organizational culture.


Our core business principles:

  1. Value people, relationships, culture, and diversity
  2. Seek mutually beneficial alliances and relationships
  3. Stay ahead of market trends
  4. Team builder and problem solver
  5. Be indispensable to customers
  6. Be honest, professional, and courteous to all
  7. Be a game changer